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Recap Of FridayNightBattlefield On Console

Pic: Shadow6ix

Hey Folks,

Some of you may know me, some may not – I go by the handle of @T0TALfps, I’m the Xbox One Admin for FNB.

The FridayNightBattlefield team have recently begun making a few changes to unify the experience of players across multiple platforms. Some of those changes have been mostly on the console platforms and I wanted to take a quick moment to tell you of these changes so you are aware of where to play this Friday!


FNB on console is over a year old now and while that may seem a long time it, I’ve got to be honest with you and say that it really isn’t compared to the lengthy amount of time that it’s been running on PC. So it is still feels relatively new when it comes to the console division.

Throughout that year we have built up a really great and passionate fanbase of regular FNB’ers on both consoles. You jump in every single week and get in on the action.

We’ve got a lot official custom servers that spin up each week, offering up fast pace and higher tickets.


Platoons have arrived with FNB and they’ve been a really big success, we’ve got two verified platoons (one for either platform) and on the Xbox we also have a secondary platoon that is also full with a lot of regulars.

Some of you regulars may also be aware that for over a year we’ve had the FridayNightBattlefield server as #30845 on Xbox. This is going to remain the same however we’ve moved it under a gamertag called FNBOfficial. For those that have favorited the old original server, you’ll need to do a quick search of the same number and favourite it again – going forward this server will remain the main European server and wont be disappearing anymore.


I wanted to also take a little moment to discuss challenges on console, this is something I have to repeat every week to some extent but I just wanted to clarify.

On the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms some of you may be aware that you can do little assignments each week to potentially earn a dog tag these involve doing ‘x’ amount of kills with certain weapons or gadgets.

These sort of goals aren’t the main way to gain the dog tag on the Xbox platform, there are no VIP’s to go knife, there is truly nothing you need to do aside from play as you are and be a regular. You can also get a slight chance at one by coming at the top of the scoreboard or placing in the end of round screen but ultimately I personally feel it is fairer to all if you play often, enjoy the game and participate in the FNB family that we are trying to build. I am however open to ideas about bringing challenges to Xbox.

See you all on the Battlefield and thank you for taking the time to read!


Xbox One Servers:

  • #FridayNightBattlefield Official #30845 EN

Playstation 4 Servers:

  • #FridayNightBattlefield Official #13301 EN
  • #FridayNightBattlefield Official #13302 US
  • #FridayNightBattlefield – ES
  • #FridayNightBattlefield Official #13 RU
  • #FridayNightBattlefield Official #14 RU
  • #FridayNightBattlefield Official #15 RU
  • Mike McSchwifty

    See ya on the battlefield tonight!

  • Xander

    So, what do I have to exactly do tonight on PS4 to get a FNB dogtag? I keep participating, but I have not earned one yet. I clicked a link specifying that details would be found here. Thank you.

  • Brannen Shipley

    Please add battlefield 4 FridayNightBattlefield server for Xbox one

  • Dansisko

    Thats a bit unfair in ps4 the ONLY way to get the tag is accomplished the special mission witch is almost impossible for my ping 278 from Brazil. Now if i was playing on xone i would had already the tag since i played every fd for 3 months, i got all the pictures to prove, i been first place some times, but never could accomplished the special mission. So i would have the tag if was on xbox but not on ps4?

  • Andrew Avila

    No u.s. server for bf1 xbox 1 #FNB???

  • Kkush

    xPresidentKusHx just shut down the FNB europe server top every game and made them all leave

  • Jarek Hrňa

    PS4 – VIP Joris almost 2hrs AFK, yesterday the worst FNB. And im still waiting for my Dtag, i killed Sawtooth with a knife 2x in one past event ( my PSN Jarek–CZE ).

    • Dansisko

      Not gonna happen brow, the assignment was pistol and bullet k in the vip and not knife… i was for that i would have a lot of those tags now. But i too think that they should give those tags more freely, when the game is over probably only 2% of the players will have the tag.

  • Neal O’Brien

    Why is xbox different in that there are no challenges or vips? I dont understand why they dont have either.

  • Emma.G.WWE,P1,TO&TVD

    So i did everything asked of me this week june 9th n still no tag or code to get it i was MVP 1 round had most resupplies the next highlighted then highlighted again on most flags captured i couldnt have stood out more yet STILL NOTHING i have tried everything week in week out for months now on ps4 yet I get nowhere. Last night there was no challenge just to stand out. I played on the official #14 RU server. Only 15 tags were being given out n might I add i know of a few people who have already got them being given them again only to sell them on or doing challenges of their own unofficially for others to get them. I believe all the hard work we do AND THE AMOUNT WE PAY FOR THE GAME I MIGHT ADD we should be treated more fairly and at least 50 tag codes should be given out every week not 10 or 15 thats a ridiculous number considering the amount of players. I also think those who already own the tag bar the VIP’s should NOT be allowed to play on the official servers as to make it fairer to those who do not have them. This is something that needs to be fair & only a small amount of tag codes given each friday is a joke. I am really considering not playing for this tag right now untill the system becomes fair.

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